Sprintray Accessories

  • Pro 55 High Strength Build Platform

    Pro 55 High Strength Build Platform

    A new build platform for the SprintRay Pro 55 printer. Features hard anodized aluminum for maximum strength, resistance to corrosion and scratching. Designed for use with ceramic-filled resins, including SprintRay OnX, OnX Tough and Ceramic Crown
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  • Pro 55 Build Platform

    Pro 55 Build Platform

    The build platform for SprintRay Pro 55 offers incredible capacity and ease of use. Keeping multiple build plates in your office helps improve production efficiency, allowing you to daisy chain jobs together continuously without having to hold production...
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  • Pro Wash/Dry

    Pro Wash/Dry

    SprintRay Pro Wash/Dry is the first fully-automated, two-stage wash and dry system built to deliver the speed, cleanliness, and ease-of-use demanded by the modern 3D printing dental clinic. Pro Wash/Dry uses a patented method to agitate and clean without...
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