About Us

White Tiger International (WTI) Dental Concepts was founded in 2014.
Our roots go back decades, giving us unmatched expertise in the dental
CADCAM space. WTI focuses on helping companies develop proprietary
digital dentistry workflows as we introduce the latest technologies.
These workflows are delivered as turn-key solutions to our clients.

At WTI, we believe that tomorrow should be better than today. WTI changed
the course of dentistry on several occasions. In 2017, WTI proudly became the
first provider of photogrammetry workflows for implant restoration with the
North American introduction of PiC Dental. We did it again in 2019 when we
introduced 3D printing of temporaries for full arch implants. In 2020 WTI
co-founded Full Arch Masters training institute. In 2021 we continued
our quest to lead digital dentistry with the launch of three new divisions,
Cademy, Digital Mind America (DMA) and Full Arch Pro.

Cademy is the education arm of WTI and focuses on instructional courses
that combine multiple disciplines. DMA is the milling support arm of WTI that
handles complex milling solutions to ensure the client's success. Full Arch Pro
is a guided approach to adding digital full arch to a clinic or laboratory.